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90-Day Private Coaching Mastermind for Women

Could this be you?

  • I need a private, trusted circle of women where I can be vulnerable

  • I’m worn out! 

  • I need to rediscover my value.

  • The last two years have taken a toll on my family, my work, my health, and even my finances. 

  • All of it has left me feeling overwhelmed, frazzled, and isolated. 

  • There’s got to be a better way! 


You are not alone. Women everywhere are burned out, carrying a load that has become too heavy to bear—even though they do a great job pretending they can keep it all together. 

It’s time to stop before you get to your breaking point. It’s time to change course and take charge of your life as you have never done before. 

An Invitation to Change Course

Over the last two years, as a CEO of a growing company and executive coach, I’ve watched dozens of women in my personal and professional networks struggle with burnout, diminished capacity, and inability to find the energy to perform as they once did. 

I was one of them. I secretly struggled while I juggled competing priorities that included taking care of my team, supporting clients, and managing day-to-day business operations—all of this while navigating major personal life challenges. 

Fortunately, through the guidance of two wise mentors, I relearned how to change course and find a personal path to live my life authentically with boldness and courage. I also learned to design and execute a renewed personal vision so I could step into a life I could love.

Now I want to invite you to change course, too. If you are ready to join me on a journey to rediscover your courage, create a new personal vision for yourself, and finally find a life you can authentically love, then this invitation is for you! 

A Transformational Private Experience for Professional Women 

If you are ready to change course, say YES! —and join me for an exclusive experience: 

  • Yes, I’m exhausted from putting everyone's needs above my own.

  • Yes, I’m feeling overlooked and overworked. 

  • Yes, I’m ready to rediscover my personal value.

  • Yes, I’m ready to confront scary decisions, personalities, and limiting beliefs that have stunted my growth.

  • Yes, I’m ready to explore the value I bring to the table and step into my power.

  • Yes, I’m ready to do critical soul searching and make bold moves.

  • Yes, I’m committed to investing in nurturing my spirit. 

  • Yes, I’m ready to rebalance my priorities. 

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“The “Step Boldly Into Your Greatness” Coaching program has truly helped me to evaluate and focus on what is most important in my career and in my personal journey. Karen’s leadership has not only been inspiring, it’s been a breath of fresh air and was exactly what I needed as I grow in my career and take on new opportunities that would have been frightening to explore before. She encourages you to boldly step into your greatness and to learn to embrace change and all that it brings.  I am absolutely grateful for everything I’ve learned through the program and would recommend it to anyone looking to evolve, grow and move into their next chapter of life.”

—Manokia Musonge

SVP, Diverse Segments Representation and Inclusion Communications and Strategy Wells Fargo

A Win-Win Investment for Your Organization

In 2021, 4.5 million people left their jobs. Today’s savvy organizations understand that retaining top talent is one of the best investments they can make. In fact, supporting the wellbeing and development of top leaders and performers consistently delivers a high return on investment. 

Hosted by Workplace Success Group and Karen Hinds, the Step Into Your Greatness Private Coaching Mastermind supports organizations by providing a transformational personal and professional development experience for women. 

90 days of networking, learning, and growth. At the end of the program, you will:

  • Renew your sense of purpose and personal vision

  • Rediscover your value and worth

  • Gain greater focus and resilience

  • Lead with confidence within a rapidly changing landscape

  • Align your personal and professional priorities

This private coaching mastermind is for women who:

  • Feel they are on the brink of burnout

  • Occupy roles that require them to support others 

  • Can benefit from safe spaces to connect with peers, rejuvenate, and feel inspired 

  • Need to find alignment between their personal and professional priorities

A Whole Person Approach to Achieving Your Greatness

Step Boldly Into Your Greatness

Past Participating Companies:






90-Day Private Coaching Mastermind for Women

90 days of focus, accountability, coaching, inspiration, and making bold steps into your future

Designed to help you identify your value and create a personal strategic plan while having Karen Hinds as your trusted partner and coach.

7 Virtual Group Coaching Sessions

Accelerate your success, get peer support, and get feedback in a private, safe environment.

Executive Guest Presenters - Interactive Format

Guest presenters will offer additional resources to prepare you for bold, strategic moves.

Weekly Strategic Planning Sessions

Each week needs a strategic plan as you execute the necessary tasks towards your new life vision.

Accountability Partner

Accountability Partner for Peer Learning and Support

Inspiration Station

Weekly motivational video messages to keep you inspired along your transformational journey

Actionable Plan

Develop and Measure S.M.A.R.T. Goals with Individual Development Plan

Online Community

Access to Private Online Learning Platform

Alumni Directory Provided

Access a network of women committed to your success and advancement

Optional: 9 Months Follow-up Post-Program

(includes monthly events hosted by industry leaders, accountability circle, online knowledge library, tools, and workshops to achieve strategic goals

Space is Limited
Schedule a call to learn more



CEO, Workplace Success Group

For the last 24 years, my team and I have been supporting our global clients, but in the last two years we have been at the forefront of helping them adjust to a new normal ushered in by a global pandemic, social justice awakening, and “the great resignation.” We have seen the effects of burnout firsthand, as well as cultural shifts where employees are no longer willing to choose between a career at the cost of their identity, values, mental health, families, and safety.  Today’s employees are searching for organizations that value them—not just as producers but as whole individuals who have both personal and professional lives. 

Workplace Success Group is helping companies transform their cultures by supporting, growing, and inspiring the talent they want to attract and retain.

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“I can’t say enough about the positive impact taking part in this program has had on me. The program focuses on you as an individual providing a network of support. It provides you with the right areas for your life professionally and personally to focus on to progress successfully towards achieving career and life goals. I have been able to rebuild my confidence, recognizing my value and contribution as a woman and leader. Having the support of the program and my accountability partner, I reframed my thought process as I left my position and company; this was invaluable in the midst of a job search. I can comfortably articulate my abilities, who I am, and the value I add to any company. I was offered and accepted a new position as VP of Operations.”

—Carolyn Rawle

Vice President of Operations

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“This program has helped me to be more thoughtful and intentional about how I spend my time at work and in my personal life. I'm learning the importance of shifting, to let go of what's not working and find something else that is.”

—Jerredith Green

Senior Control Management Officer, Wells Fargo

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“I got the support and clarity I needed to sort through a very challenging time. I am thankful for the support of the program as I applied for and was offered a new C-Suite position offering me further professional growth.”

—Kari Kaplan

Girl Scouts of Connecticut

Chief Operations Officer

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